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Relevant Organizations 

  • Nansen Initiative — The Nansen Initiative was an inter-governmental process to address the challenges of cross-border displacement in the context of disasters and the effects of climate change.

  • Global Platform on Disaster Displacement — The Platform on Disaster Displacement is an organization that developed out of the  Nansen Initiative, created to implement the recommendations of the Protection Agenda. The Agenda itself is a toolbox to better prevent and prepare for displacement specifically within the context of environmental degradation and natural disaster-related human displacement.

  • IOM Environmental Migration Portal — The Environmental Migration Portal seeks to provide a one-stop service website to promote new research, information exchange and dialogue, intended to fill the existing data, research and knowledge gaps on the migration-environment nexus.

  • Climate & Migration Coalition — The Coalition is a UK-based nonprofit organisation concerned with the rights and welfare of anyone who moves due to the impacts of climate change.

  • Climate Refugees — Climate Refugees is an independent, research and advocacy focused project created to bring attention and action to help people displaced across borders as a result of climate change.

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